Defining your real estate brand identity is one of the most important projects your team will ever undertake. For every home you sell or assist in buying, for every customer you make happy, real estate branding will make a bigger impact on whether you get that next client.

Why Real Estate Branding Matters

real estate branding for family style homes
Family home branding.

Your real estate brand is what sets you apart and helps clients understand who you are before they even pick up the phone. The simple combination of color, name, and imagery that makes up your logo and marketing materials will tell them something. But what, exactly, does your real estate brand tell them?

The imagery and design elements you use can convey so much. Indeed, they can convey that you are a down-home brand that knows what rural and suburban locals really care about. Alternatively, they can show that you are a glittering skyscraper brand that knows what condo-dwelling execs are looking for. Lastly, they can show that you are in tune with the local cultural symbols or that you’re a little quirky, just like your clients.

Most importantly, whatever your brand design says is what clients will think of you subconsciously before they make the first decision to reach out respond to advertising.

What Makes a Strong Real Estate Brand?

There are four factors you want to consider when building a real estate brand that will have your intended impact:

  • Appealing to Your Customers
  • Representing Your Team
  • Setting Your Brand Apart from Competition
  • What Makes Your Brand Great for Clients

That’s a lot for one brand design to convey, but you can do it as so many brands have done before. Let’s dive right in.

1) Appealing to Your Customers

The first element of your brand needs to be something that appeals to your customer demographic. This will relate to your region, the personality of the locals, and the demographic of locals you serve. If you serve farmers, an elegant old barn or mill might be the right imagery, or even just the subtle suggestion of rolling hills and a field fence in brush strokes. If your locals are proud of their proximity to body of water, then a leaping fish or an iconic lakeside view might be the ticket. You get the drift.

2) Defining the Personality and Values of Your Team

Next is the personality of your real estate business founder and team. This element of your brand is key to aligning with your company culture and creating a consistent brand personality. If you’re dog-lovers aiming to find clients a pet-friendly home, you might consider featuring a friendly dog as your mascot. Or, you could paint a dog silhouette next to your farmhouse for a more subtle approach. If you’re all practical professionals who prioritize a client’s busy schedule, try a watch face with a catchphrase about getting clients their homes on time. Lastly, if you’re all a little quirky and proud to be locals, maybe the state bird is the right angle.

3) What Sets You Apart From the Competition

Now, take a look at your competition. Take some time to think about what sets your real estate brand apart from the other teams in the region. What do you do that the other teams don’t, what do you value or prioritize that the other teams might not focus on? Then, find a way to set those unique differentiating factors into your brand through color, imagery, or words.

4) What Makes Your Company Great

Finally, examine what makes your real estate brand truly great. Think about how you go above and beyond to offer excellent service or what specific aspect of real estate you do better or more passionately than anyone else in the business. Make sure this is somehow represented in your real estate brand as well. Maybe you’re excellent stagers, maybe you specialize in helping first-timers make it flawlessly through every step. Make sure your potential clients can tell that at first glance through your brand and branding campaign design.

Learn More About Real Estate Branding

Have a few ideas in mind now? Ready to solidify it into a rock-solid brand for your real estate business? Contact us to take those final steps and craft a brand that can’t be beat.