A contemporary kitchen and living room with open concept design and bar counter in a modern home.
A contemporary kitchen and living room with an open concept design.

One of the most desirable floor plans today is the open concept. Open concept living is usually described as creating an open space to live and eat in one room. Most of these homes have a direct line of sites between the kitchen and main living space. If you are thinking of creating this type of space in your home, here are some cost-effective ways to renovate.

Knock Down Non-Load Bearing Walls

Opening up physical space is the first place to start. When thinking of knocking down walls, look for non-load bearing ones first. Many of the non-load bearing walls were typically there to create a division of space first and foremost and will often not contain any major ductwork, plumbing or electrical wiring. 

Create a Cut Out

An even less expensive option than knocking down a non-load bearing wall is to create a cut out between rooms. A cut out is when you open up a wall between two major sections of continuous wall space, providing the illusion of open concept space. This is a great option if you want to open up a new doorway between rooms or create a nook feeling in a kitchen space that was once closed off from the rest of the area. For some inspiring ideas, check out Houzz.

Design an Eating and Prep Area

If knocking down a wall completely sounds like too much of an expense, what if you took down just half the wall? Homeowners are now putting in peninsulas for additional seating and prep space. This also provides the open line of site you are craving while also creating more functional space for eating and food prep. 

Make a Pass Through

If your home’s structure does not allow for knocking down walls or parts of walls, consider putting a pass-through between the kitchen and the living room. A pass-through can serve a few functions. They create an open line of sight between a kitchen and formal eating area. Thus, making dinner service easier, adding more light and a line of sight, and serving as an eating area. 

Draw the Eye to the Outside

Incorporating the light from outside the room and making the open expanse of nature the highlight provides that open concept feel. When rooms feel dark and cramped, many homeowners say it feels like the walls are closing in on them. Adding a window over a kitchen sink or punching a hole through an exterior wall may be all that is needed. Other ideas for adding exterior light include adding windows, a sliding glass door, or floor to ceiling windows.

Raise the Ceiling

Many older homes were made with 8 or 9-foot ceilings. In split homes or ranches, the main living space may only have an empty attic crawl space separating it from the roof. By elevating the ceiling, you could add space upward and draw the eye up as well. This also allows you to add recessed lights. Thus, adding more light to the room and the feeling of openness. 

Learn More About an Open Concept Idea in Any Home

Before you begin any home renovation project, consider the needs of your family and your budget. Knocking down walls, putting in windows, and raising ceilings sounds like large projects. However, in the hands of the right professionals, they are second nature. For more information on how you can create the open concept living you have always wanted, contact us