email marketing to convert real estate leads
Email marketing.

Anybody working in the real estate industry knows that converting leads can be a major pain point. The good news is that a properly-tailored email campaign, when nurtured and fostered by yourself, can help with converting real estate leads considerably.

How Can the Right Email Marketing Help?

Email marketing takes care of a host of tasks in one go. It reaches a wide audience, delivers your message, and drives conversions. Because it’s the preferred communication channel for so many individuals looking to make purchases, you have a much higher chance of creating meaningful campaigns and connections through email than most other options afford.

Managing a consistent and engaging email marketing campaign also helps you build and establish credibility– something you’re going to want a lot of if you’re trying to sell people their future homes. Clients want to do business with agents that they trust– what better way to allow them to get to know you than through email?

You’ll also get the chance to build more than yourself– you’ll be crafting your entire brand. When you put in the time to execute a thoughtful email marketing campaign, your brand and values should be shining through the text at every moment. Create a compelling copy and target the right audience to begin closing a deal.

What Are the Components of a Successful Campaign?

There are a wealth of factors that play into any email campaign; touching on every single one of them would lead to an exceptionally long list. Here are a few key components for you to keep in mind as you begin moving forward with planning your real estate email campaign:

The Subject Line for Real Estate Leads

Do you read articles with titles that you find boring or uninspiring? Probably not. Ensure that your subject line captures readers’ attention and drives them to open up your email

Preheader Text

Preheader text is the short “summary” of sorts that you see after the subject line in your inbox

Your preheader is the perfect opportunity to take a new angle from your subject line and draw readers in further

Having a preheader also sets you apart both visually and content-wise in an email inbox; not everybody knows to take advantage of this space for what’s essentially a free tagline

The Timing of Your Emails to Convert Real Estate Leads

Ideally, your emails will be sent out based on predetermined triggers that you select

i.e. the time since subscribing to your email list, a subscriber’s location, etc.

A Strong, Compelling Call-To-Action

The right CTA will make or break your marketing efforts

Since the real estate industry in specific drives individuals to make high-stress, high-cost decisions, it’s imperative that your CTA moves potential clients to get in touch with you

Mobile Optimization

Everybody is on their smartphones these days; if you think that clients are waiting until they can sit down at a computer to read your emails, think again

Taking the time to optimize your emails for viewing on mobile devices will make the difference between an engaged audience and an aggravated one

An Opt-In Feature

You should never be sending emails to individuals who didn’t explicitly sign up to receive them

Not only does this make you appear overly sales-y– which isn’t great for your image– it also pulls down the chances of a potential client opening and reading your content to nearly zero

Learn More About Converting Your Real Estate Leads

If you’re interested in learning more about crafting the perfect real estate email marketing campaign, contact us today. Our industry-professional team is ready to guide you through the ins and outs of piecing together a personalized campaign that suits your needs and is sure to drive leads.